To highlight the best, locally sourced and sustainable produce, our menus are always changing.

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Mixed marinated olives (Mount Zero, Vic)    6

House pickles (Neighbourhood Farm, Qld    6

Cheddar beignets (Bay of Fires, Tas)    8
Moreton bay rock oyster, Jauma Grenache mignonette (Qld)    5ea
Pork and pepperberry salami (Saison Salumi, Qld)    12

Confit duck terrine, green bean chutney, horseradish    24
Raw scallop, raspberry, cucumber, horseradish    26
Cuttlefish, tomato, shiso    26
Green beans, white peach, noix de jambon    22

Ricotta and kale ‘rotolo rarebit’, eggplant, tomato    36
Coral trout, sweetcorn, zucchini, salsa verde    48
Squab, beetroot, fig, artichoke    60
Pork loin, spinach, shishito pepper    46

Duck fat chips    10
Green salad    10

‘C2’ semi-hard raw cows milk cheese (Bruny Island, Tas)    14
‘Saint’ soft, yeast rind, cows milk cheese (Bruny Island, Tas)    14
‘Tin Tin’ buffalo milk washed rind (Kris Lloyd, S.A)    12
‘Capricorn’ soft goats milk cheese (Woodside, S.A)    12

Week 51 • January 2023

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