To highlight the best, locally sourced and sustainable produce, our menus are always changing.

‘La Dame’ 6YO aged goats cheese (Barossa Dairy, S.A) - Oat biscuit & quince    14
‘Charleston’ Jersey brie (Woodside, S.A) - Honey toast    12
‘Flower power’ buffalo cheese (Kris Lloyd, S.A) - Oat biscuit & quince    12
‘Montforte’ semi hard cows milk cheese (Section 28, S.A) - Oat biscuit & quince    12

Chocolate Nemesis cake, warm port custard    18
Blueberry ‘Vacherin’, bay ice cream, meringue    16

Dessert Wines
Barambah ‘First Grid’ Semillon, 2016 (Qld)    18
Witches Falls Tawny Port (Qld)    16
Witches Falls Solera muscat, 2004 (Qld)    16

Negroni    20
Kinglake Distillery O’Gradys Stand Single Malt Whiskey (Vic)    18

Hot Beverages
Filter coffee (Light Coffee, East Brisbane)    6
Chamomile and lavender tea (Mayde, Byron Bay)    6
Black tea (Mayde, Byron Bay)    6